Soil Overview

Inducing, increasing, fertility and microbial balancing, revitalizing

Revitalizing the soil and increasing crop production naturally. BTD uses only environmentally and socially friendly agriculture.

Using a selected mix of technologies such as Bio-Char, carefully researched mix of microorganism to match soil quality, natural pest control techniques, low cost ormes trace minerals, compost and magnetic lines management.

It has long been known that properly seeded so-called “effective microorganisms” can potentially regenerate even some of the most dead soils. Over-farmed, barren and soil low in nutrients is re-energized and its fertility dramatically increased with revolutionary microbial technology which in tests has consistently increased crop yields by 40%.

New and revolutionary recipes for effective agricultural microorganisms are combined with selected other components of ‘Bloom the Desert’ technologies for maximum effect.

The soil needs minerals, trace minerals, a stable magnetic and electric fractal field and vitalized water for healthy microorganisms to flourish.

The secrets of soil mineral balance that create ideal soil, plant, and animal health are revealed here for the first time. There are no more depleted soils and farmlands when using these techniques; the soil just keeps getting better and better year after year, and all without the use of any sort of toxic rescue chemistry.


A ) Microorganism soil revitalization and rebalancing:
Carefully researched mix of microorganism to match soil quality along with natural pest control techniques. BTD microbial formulations are unique, proven and improve soil and water health. In the right combination - and without chemical additives - they create bigger harvests and higher profits. They can completely transform arid land into fertile land, used in conjunction with our other technologies. Effective microorganisms are a mixed culture that can be applied to many environments to improve the health and vitality of water, soil, plants and animals.

B ) Ormes soil revitalization:

ORMES and “Sea ormes” is a source of trace elements and minerals that occur in the natural proportions found in nature. Some of the elements are in a mono atomic 'high-spin' state or superconductive state. This makes them biologically compatible and easily assimilated or absorbed at a cellular level.
Ormes stands for "orbitally rearranged mono-atomic elements" and includes the"PGM" group of elements. The “Precious Metals” include: Ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, and silver (known as the "light platinum group", osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold (known as the "heavy platinum group". They can in a monatomic, super deformed, high spin, and low energy state, lose their chemical reactivity and metallic nature, thereby resulting in a state of Superconductivity. The connection is that the correct trace minerals, which are more "PGM" and "phase conjugate", which creates precisely the correct electrical environment for charge distribution, which is home for happy microorganism growth.

C) Bio Char:
Using biomass charcoal to enrich soil- an idea whose time has come
Controlled burning and production of carbon13 is the recipe for producing the remarkable TERRA PRETA. It is the correct geometry, developed by BTD that enables this carbon seeding. Bio char is a way for carbon to be drawn from the atmosphere and is a solution to reducing the global impact of farming.

Left - a nutrient-poor oxisol; right - an oxisol transformed into fertile terra preta using bio char.
Bio Char, can sequester carbon and in in turn contribute to growing healthy crops
Utilize everything from municipal tree trimmings to wood processing wastes and agricultural residues.

  • Provide a complete set of beneficial microorganisms that rejuvenate soil and increase nutrient cycling.
  • Has the ability to change soil structure, improve retention of water, and increase nutrient cycling.
  • Improves plant productivity and in many cases can allow growers to reduce their input costs
  • Green Energy
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Increased Plant Performance
  • High Stability
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Increases nutrient retention, water holding capacity, structural stability, cation exchange capacity
  • Increases beneficial soil microorganisms
  • Reduces nutrient run off, absorbs ammonia
  • Absorbs pesticides & soil toxins
  • Acts a carbon sink for atmospheric CO2

Carbon based soil amendment was applied at 7 pounds per acre, achieved a 20 % INCREASE IN CROP YIELD.   In addition, the below ground was a