The Imploder Water Treatment Tech

The “Imploder” water treatment device produces a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination success, and biomass yields. It revitalizes water quickly and is easy to install. It is unique technology that combines a magnetic array with a directional nozzle. The Imploder device facilitates the bringing of required nutrients into plants by causing a de-clustering effect on water.

Not only can we find deep primary water, our imploder technology can also be used for desalination, revitalizing and energizing the water, for both human consumption and agriculture. The agricultural effects have already been tested with evidence of 50-300% growth effect measured, along with nutritional density increases.

Immediate sedimentation from the “Imploder” also treats severe water pollution issues. For a modest investment, farmers can greatly improve their bottom line (stronger, better, more crops). It is easy to install, operate and maintain. No moving parts, minimal wear and tear. No ‘parts’ to be replaced or dispose of. Sustainable and environmentally friendly. Third world communities will have a cost effective means for improving farming methods, increasing food yields and purifying water.

Used For

  • Successful and increased seed germination
  • Accelerated plant growth for hydroponics, greenhouse and all crops from agricultural operations
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Water treatment for the food industry (taste/appearance/nutritional density) Brewery, distillation, winery, and biomass fuel industries
  • Domestic use to purify and re energize town-supplied water.
  • Benefits of Revitalized water - achieved quickly and easily.
  • Less water is required for plant growth.
  • Cost effective Uses established infrastructure
  • Measurable and repeatable increase in germination rate
  • Increase in stem width Increase in leaf size Increase in plant height
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly No moving parts, minimal wear and tear No ‘parts’ to be replaced or dispose of
  • Increases bottom line for all users
  • Commercialization is straightforward and ROI is profound.

The science behind the IMPLODER

It feeds water into a “phase conjugate” magnetic array, synergistically utilizing an implosive directional nozzle, hydro dynamically and magnetically creating centripetal intense flux lines, which results in the known principle effects of enhanced REDOX potential, solubility, dynamic spin rate and smaller water cluster size. We also measure increase in molecular spin coherence (reduced entropy - using GDV measure). The device produces the known and measurable ‘absorption efficiency effect’, making plants better able to receive and absorb nutrients.

The solubility and increase dispersion “wetting effect” - have many commercial implications. Science has noted that the effective structures in water to best create storage of life and life processes are DODECAHEDRAL. This has come to be known as THE CLATHRATE CAGE. This relates to the Golden Mean ratio arrangement of WATER molecules in a MICROTUBULE. Also tucking monatomic hydrogen into an implosive clathrate cage dodecahedron of water molecules is the key to MICROHYDRIN -free radical scavenger – or what you might call- “HEALING WATER Bloom the Desert holding company is developing farm waste management and sewage treatment, water purification technology, sedimentation technology, fuel efficiency enhancement, hydrogen generation, tar sands oil production, increased fermentation devices, and seed storage through related scientific development of Phase Conjugate Magnetics and Dielectrics.

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