Revitalizing the Soil

Over-farmed, barren and soil low in nutrients is re-energized and its fertility dramatically increased with revolutionary microbial technology which in tests has consistently increased crop yields by 40%.  Revitalize the Soil Integrates:

  • New and revolutionary recipes for effective agricultural micro-organisms
  • The correct physics to ‘seed’ the microorganisms with the monatomic so called Ormes trace minerals
  • Complemented with magnetic mapping and magnetic line bending to achieve the necessary fractality, along with placement of composting
  • Phase conjugate magnetic pre-treated water (The Imploder Device)

We are able to come to a project and build low-tech devises to make ormes from seawater and bio char, as well as train people to be able to do this.

What is “Ormes” soil revitalization technology?

It has long been known that properly seeded so-called “effective microorganisms” can potentially regenerate even some of the most dead soils.
Ormes means Orbitally Rearranges Mono-Atomic Elements, and includes the ‘PGM’ group of elements.  The primary form in which gold occurs in seawater is in its monatomic state. Nowhere is this symbiosis more evident than in the cross benefit between deep ocean created ORMES like materials - combined with the correct- so called ‘Effective Microorganisms’ for agriculture.

There is much evidence that plants grown in soil amended with forms of ORMUS have reduced disease, accelerated maturation and greatly increased production. Applications in science will be very exciting considering the superconductive properties of certain ORMUS elements. It is believed that fields such as communication, computing, and transportation will be revolutionized and that green, renewable energy production could be vital in solving many serious ecological issues.

The connection is that the correct trace minerals, which are more 'PGM' and ‘phase conjugate’, which creates precisely the correct electrical environment for charge distribution, which is home for happy microorganism growth.

The process

  1. Soil regeneration obeys the same physics of all self-organizing fields: fractality makes the 'field' electrically centripetal - and therefore emerge from chaos in its ability to draw charge from its environment.
  2. We now see more about the reason for the potency for agriculture and soil - of Ormes like (gold or PGM) materials- particularly those from biologic sources like alkalized deep ocean mineral residues etc. The field effect of the microbes is electrically nourished to a centripetal charge attracting state by the presence of trace amounts of the correct biologic phase conjugates.
  3. We correlate how adding these phase conjugate dielectrics - to compost- to make their field effect more 'intelligent' (remember how microbes run the farm)
  4. Finally we complement the process with water that was imploded by phase conjugate magnetics – for the extraction and potentization of the ormes like agricultural materials.

There is a natural symbiosis between

  • Economic new sources of agricultural ORMES like material from alkalized deep ocean water
  • Finely tuned new recipes of symbiotic effective microorganisms for agriculture.

The ORME represents state-of-the-art chemistry, physics, and physiology, interpretations of Sumerian, Egyptian and other histories including the alchemical western esoteric traditions. Ormes was the element of choice for many of the ancient major civilizations. It was used by the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, & Hebrews. The ancient Egyptians called this stuff "mfkzt". The texts of the Old Kingdom gave the Philosophers' Stone many names. It was called the golden tear from the eye of Horus, that which issues from the mouth of the Creator (the Christian Word), and the spittle or the semen of the Father in Heaven. With the rise of the Heliopolian Amun, it later became the hidden Light: the unknowable name of the God whose title was Amun and whose symbol was the ram.  The modern name is ORMUS, ORME and White-Gold, it has also been known as an elixir, Manna, Shewbread, the snot, monoatomic elements, AuM, the polymers, m-state, shemana, microclusters, superdeformed high-spin elements, exotic atoms, Semen of the Gods, Schefa Food, Shem-an-na, Bread of the Presence of God, MFKZT, Elixir of Life, the lapis, the Sophic Hydrolith of the Wise, Erinaes Philothes Philolithes, What then is it?” dew, occult gold, hrysopoeia, aurum potable, water of gold, WhiteGold, The Philosophers’ Stone  and many more name are all part of alchemy  an ancient chemistry science now being studied.  This and various other names have been used by Alchemists and by high priests of ancient civilizations for that which feeds the Light Body.

The soil needs minerals, trace minerals, a stable magnetic and electric fractal field and vitalized water for healthy microorganisms to flourish

The secrets of soil mineral balance that create ideal soil, plant, and animal health are revealed here for the first time. There are no more depleted soils and farmlands when using these techniques; the soil just keeps getting better and better year after year, and all without the use of any sort of toxic rescue chemistry.

The difference between rich, fertile soil and poor, infertile soil is essentially this:  the mineral composition of the soil.  The flavor and nutrition in fruit, grains, and vegetables are based on the soil minerals available, not the amount or type of organic matter. If a needed mineral is missing, it is just that, missing, and no amount of organic matter will make up for it.  No amount or combination of the air elements Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen will add Zinc to your soil, and all plants and animals need Zinc. Plants also need Copper and Iron and Manganese, Calcium and Magnesium and Phosphorus, and at least seven other essential minerals (animals need at least fourteen more), and they need them in an available and balanced form.   Rotting organic matter may release growth stimulants like Nitrogen and Potassium, but the other minerals are what create sweetness and flavor and nutrition in food.  Without these other minerals you may achieve high production, but you will not achieve the highest quality.

Humic/fulvic was used by ancient cultures and in folk remedies for a wide variety of illnesses. It is known to be a powerful free-radical scavenger and a natural antioxidant. Medical-grade humic/fulvic taken internally are believed to boost the immune system by attacking unwanted injured or dead cells, thereby decreasing or eliminating infection.
These health-governing and life-giving principles are true for all living things. Concerning soil and plants, humic/fulvic molecules help to improve the soil’s water-holding capacity, improve the soil structure, and help to maintain soil stability. Humic and fulvic molecules promote vigor, disease resistance, and root development in agricultural crops. It does not matter where plants are grown: in soil, in hydroponic or aeroponic gardens, with the addition of humic/fulvic molecules as contained in all ULTIMATE SOIL products, the result is always faster, more efficient, more resilient, and more nutrient rich growth.

Humic and fulvic molecules assist roots by increasing soil permeability, increasing water retention, reducing water evaporation, and promoting the growth of beneficial microbial colonies in the root zone. The creation of a healthy, microbially active root zone environment creates stronger plants that take up nutrients better.

Compost Worm systems - for disposal of organic waste (food scraps, manures, green waste etc.) through an enclosed compost worm system and transformation into humus and a liquid leachate. The enclosed worm environment and reticulated watering system enables the capture of worm cast leachate, a golden brown liquid that is a possible renewable source of fulvic acid.