Eco Materials, Sacred Geometry, Bliss Activation

Brief Description

Bio-Architecture is a new science of LIFE FORCE in buildings, based on how a building makes and generates the required FRACTAL FIELD.  It is a revolution in urban design and community planning. Understanding the geometrical patterns, fractality and mathematical proportions that create life in order to build and design with, has been largely forgotten in the world. We how have dead and sick buildings, that block our potentials.

By understanding the symmetry of electric fields causing health versus disease we discover that an overwhelming simple and yet compelling rule or pattern emerges. Applying this beautiful algorithm to Architecture, we can see exactly why the design of living space must be exactly that - an electrically living space. An electrically alive space (sometimes called sacred) is simply the space where charge/chi can breathe efficiently and thus achieve the multiply connected / holographic and fractal-distributed resonance called awareness - the thrust of all living systems.

Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra is the study and practice of the pure principle set of operations that underpin all natural expressions and processes. In ancient times, this knowledge was considered vital, (quite literally) if one wished to create a truly sacred life within a sustainable community.


Design of architecture and living systems, so that space is fractal and phase conjugate - and therefore life enhancing.  Use natural geometries, shapes, forms, ratios and growth patterns to design our spaces in order to create life and truly sustainable systems. This is 'Full Spectrum Architecture' not just 'green architecture'.

“The more harmonic inclusiveness the more fractality. The more fractality, the more life.“ If you aura has a place to unpack, then you feel the tingling wonder, which defines sacred space. In the same way, this is non-destructive space in which to unpack and distribute charge exquisitely and where you can lucid dream successfully and where you can die successfully.

In its larger application, it is used for Education, Bliss making and Peace making, and the creation of Flourishing Cities, or as we like to call them  “Light Cities” which are Ultra Designed Urban Environments that remap magnetics like a “Rose” which is a process of adjusting and designing the magnetic map of a city to be a “Fractal Attractor” to attract life force, health, commerce, tourists, and money.