This is what I want to happen:
That our earth mother may be clothed in ground corn four times over
That frost flowers cover her over entirely
That the mountain pines far away over there may stand close to each other in the cold;
That the weight of snow cracks some branches!
In order that the country may be this way
I have made my prayer sticks into something alive.
Zuni Tribe

Mission Statement

Bloom the Desert Projects will:
Promote and deliver capital investments into BLOOM THE DESERT JOINT VENTURES, and to market, produce, license and develop globally the location of primary water, the development of agriculture products, soil rejuvenation processes, mineral resources detection, the adaption of cost effective technologies, sustainable electricity production, all in conjunction and partnership with local companies, landowners and Governments.

Unique Identity

Unique to our approach, unlike many others in the sustainable agriculture movement, is a deep understanding of what makes life possible in the first place, a unified field theory we refer to as the “Fractal Field”, the phase conjugate electrical and magnetic life designs that nature has adapted through ratio, proportions, harmonics, frequencies and resonances.

A core philosophy and theory to our understanding is the Golden Ratio Principle, which all of Nature and Universal Forces use to grow, attract ‘charge’, store ‘charge’ distribute ‘charge’. Charge is a scientific term that can be measured and validated, in other cultures it is know as Life Force, Chi, and Prana. It is the process which alloys seeds to germinate, DNA to multiply, gravitational forces to be attracted to planets, Humans to love, water to spiral, music to be played, soil to rejuvenate and communities to FLOURISH. It is the coded bridge between the physical and invisible worlds.

  • Development of a growing network of conscious compassionate investors and commercial leaders who have an awareness of global needs and have aligned themselves with getting on with the job and achieving results
  • We are committed to developing innovation in agriculture, technology, energy systems, sustainability, health and education.
  • Nurturing a forum for brilliant ideas and new paradigm thinking
  • A point of collaboration for visionaries, business, scientists and pioneers
  • Devoted to robust science and hard-core testing, validation and analysis
  • Regenerative projects that offer all communities new systems for living more sustainably
  • Support in taking key projects to the market and raising capital
  • Support in business plans and on-going management
  • Education in traditional and local food patterns that have given previous generations great health and longevity
  • Facilitating investments to improve the experience of “The Great Life”