Existing Primary Water Projects

BTD recently connected with scientists in Switzerland, India, the USA and Australia, who employ a diversity of techniques to locate and drill for primary water. Many projects have been successfully implemented in drought stricken areas in Australia, Tanzania, Egypt, New Zealand, Switzerland, Nepal and India.

BTD verified the existence of the following successful primary water initiatives:

  • In Tanzania 35 primary water wells are being drilled each year improving the quality of lives of tenths of thousands of people.
  • Primary water is provided to at least four villages in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India already for a number of years.
  • Each drilling site (one or two primary water veins) provides water for 4500 people.

In India many water wells have been created, based on the use of primary water. Primary water wells serve the rice growing industry and many other agricultural applications across the Indian continent. BTD is aware of primary water projects in Switzerland. We are aware of a primary water project in Nepal.