Project Management

Bloom the Desert is a company that handles the management, design and investment of microbes soil amendments, advanced agricultural technologies, water location and drilling, water treatment and reenergizing, desalination, bio-remediation of pollution and eco-community designs.

Bloom the Desert is a Total Integration Company, with an emphasis on ‘Holistic Management’. We handle all requirements, from feasibilities reports, the selection of technologies, their on-site applications, team education, legal matters and contracts.

No project is too small or too big.

We also sell products to other project managers
We engage in dialogue with scientists, water institutions, corporations, NGO, governments, industry and investors about the promising potential of all of Bloom the Deserts technologies.
We solicit entrepreneurs, industries and governmental partners for the joint execution of BTD projects and exploration projects in Europe, the Near East, Middle East, USA, Australia, India and China.
We specialize in areas where business and governments wish to develop a thriving sustainable agricultural community and reduce living stress to peoples where there is not enough water, food, and electricity.


  • Roger Green
  • Dan Winter
  • Douglas Beitler
  • Core Advisors and Consultants
  • Patricia Michael (USA)
  • Kees Hoogendijk (The Netherlands)
  • Valerie Sanderlin (France)
  • Daniel Schreiber (Australia)
  • Charles Fraser (U.K)
  • Bruce Powers (U.A.E)
  • Jordi Busquets (Brazil)