Bloom the Desert - It is a total integration approach

We are a company that orchestrates the management, design and investment of microbes, soil amendments, advanced agricultural technologies, water location and drilling, water treatment and re-energizing, desalination, bio-remediation of pollution and eco-community designs.

Our works in the field of microbes for agriculture and bioremediation are the most advanced in the world. Our circle of companies and associates are leading the way, including the oil eating microbes that came first out of 20,000 other products that where tested by B.P. We work on large-scale designs for producing food in arid soils. High quality food can be produced anywhere. We also have the most advanced technology for cleaning large bodies of polluted water both salt and fresh in a matter of days. All that is needed is cooperation and finance.

BLOOM THE DESERT PROJECTS (BTD) brings together many cutting edge technologies and Earth friendly approaches for the rejuvenation of arid land, under performing farms and remediation for damaged and polluted land and waterways.

We specialize in areas where business and governments wish to develop a thriving sustainable agricultural community and reduce living stress to peoples where there is not enough water, food and electricity.  It is also for those who wish to transform existing farmlands into more sustainable, organic approaches along with natural pest control and at the same time, radically increase agricultural yields by using low cost methods.

Your participation in BTD programs will give you the ability to drive your passion for helping others into tangible practical projects, which will help nourish the world, bring economic development to third world communities, bring together capitalism and heart centered intentions and at the same time protecting our common ground- Mother Earth. It is vital to the sustenance of our planet. BTD is dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of our environment and self-empowerment in all aspects of life.

We envision many possibilities for the crystallization of these technologies into tangible, useful and needed applications for the advancement of a higher quality of life- for all peoples on Mother Earth