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The Creation of sand-to-rock, Sandstone walls for desert

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Bacillus Pasteurii

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Using the Bacillus Pasteurii we can create living walls that repair them selves when they crack. We can also incorporate silica fume into the mix.
Theoretically we could make a type of opal/marble building material that would be alive. It could also make some beautiful floors. Also the Chinese created the strongest calcium bond in the world by making a mortar from sticky rice and calcium. Bulldozers could not nock over 5000 year old tombs that where built with that mortar.

The Pectin in the sticky rice makes a smaller calcium bond. That sounds like it might work well with the alkali binders. We have a design for growing the Bacillus in large quantities so if you are interested we can do that. A hemp home that is also living gems. Sounds good to me.

Also pond liners that repair them selves when they crack.
We have a design of a truss made from layered bamboo and then clamped that is super sturdy. Great for roofing. Natural polymer made from organic corn that holds 50 times its volume in water that could be used to absorb ormus and microbes and them used together with bio char. Perfect for dry season.
We are the leading supplier of the bacterial strains that make intelligent construction materials.
Building materials that are self-cleaning, neutralize pollutants and repair themselves when they crack!!!

The same technology can be used for building roads and securing foundations in areas that have sandy loamy soils. This spawns ideal ways for infrastructure development in arid and desert areas. This technology is now ready for practical application.

We also come up with a silica-based formula that will be as light as styrofoam and as strong as marble. We are getting together strains and mass onsite production methods.

Interested in investing in our “From sand to rock” for walls, roads, roofs, floors, complete dwellings and even furniture?

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A product that kills mosquito and which eats oil

Manufactured by a Native American owned company, in the U.S.A

Formulated with special ingredients, to slowly dissolve in water.
Can be precisely dropped by helicopter, into water, By hand, into rivers, ditches, drains, facultative lagoons, ponds, puddles, swamps, streams, lakes, bays, estuary’s, tanks, retention ponds, fountains, aquariums, levees, etc., Patented , NANO-size “Micro-nutrients”, includes Si, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Zn etc.

These Diatoms absorb CO2 and nutrients and release Oxygen at the micro plant level.  The Oxygen released, helps aerobic bacteria breakdown organics in the water into base constituents, and the growing diatoms are eaten by zooplankton that is in turn consumed by fishes.  Binder's which keep the log solid and facilitates, a slow release of the effective formulas in water.
A formula, which assists the Diatoms, bloom in water, and absorb the Nitrogen and Phosphorus.