We Did It! Latest on Dubai Project

You may remember - last November - when I informed you of our Bloom the Desert project and the trial desert farm in Dubai - kindly sponsored by Ahmed - and I promised an update on plant growth and soil tests....

For those unfamilar with this kind of agriculture and what all of this means: The test results below show we reduced the hight sodium of over 12 pH to approx 8.2- with our SALT REDUCING MICROBES- this has NOT been DONE BEFORE without costly fertilizers- and is basically a first of its kind combination.

It means that arid land anywhere- anytime- can be transformed into fertilie land- using these LOW cost combined techniques we have developed- and that MINIMAL use of (organic) fertilizer would be required- this keeps the cost of farm production down.

If you were an Indian farmer- on a small traditional plot- and currently spending over 50 % of your farm income on FERTILIZER (usually from the western companies), you could employ these techniques, slowly and easily convert to organic farming- and save much hard earn money that could be used on many other things..

Any arid land, deserts, anywhere- Australia- Arizona- CHINA- Africia- we can convert to fertilie lands, increasing food for all communities and help develope third world economies. We are now looking for our next project to scale up- to 50-100 acres- and any interested parties and investors- please use this email to contact me
Enough talking...

Here is a snap shot summary of the independent soil results (actual lab results available - if you email me) taken over the duration of the project- at the beginning middle and end- followed by a picture history of the BLOOM THE DESERT PROJECT.

From the independent testing

The Sodium levels went from 12.70 to 8.11 , that is a dramatic decrease !
Sulfur, another plant growth inhibiter when in high levels fell from 13.347 to 10.122 also a part of the reduction program.
Boron levels went from a whopping 105 to 76.7. Also part of the reduction program.

What we have proven with these results is that by treating the desert soils with the salt reduction program prior to our fertilizing microbes we can now BLOOM THE DESERT with very little added nutrients.

Here is a picture summary from begining to end- we grew mainly tomotoes, melons, carrots, cauliflowers, parsely, brinjal, and capisum.

We had two shaded areas, and an open field, indicated here as a red line approx. 1 acre.

We physically dug small trenches first, and laid in the biochar. We then laced that strongly with salt reducing microbes.

We added a certain amount of ORMES each day (which we made in 1 day- enough for the whole farm and supply for over 1 year- see the movie clip) below Doug manufacturing the ORMUS- orbital rearranged mono-atomic trace elements- the sea was about 10 miles away- and it only took a small truck load to gather enough for the project

We had use of 30,000 litre water tank- each day our blended microbes and trace elements were added to the tank, which would drip feed the planteds each day.

Digging in the bio-char- in the next scale up version of all of this- we will use a modified tractor!

above- the field finished- with bio-char, ormes trace elements and the wonderful great- and amazing- microbes ! Doug above doing the first watering.

We planted in September- and some more in October- so the growing season was approx up to Jan/Feb

This cauliflower had a little farm manure added to these rows- most of the rows- at least 95% of them- had NO fertilizer or manure- so we could prove the results of just using the salt reducing microbes

carrot soup anybody?

Best Looking Eggplant (brinjal or aubergine) in the WORLD !!

Our groundsman with the crop, planted from September 2011- thru to Jan 2012.

Folks- lets do it. We are ready for the next round- anywhere- anytime In the next scaled up version of the Bloom the Desert- we will incorporate the water imploder www.theimploder.com, developed by Dan Winter

A recent picture of a trial with the IMPLODER from Organic India (thanks to Chris Dean from Byron Bay) Notice the high growth in the foreground- theimploder.com water device is used on just this area of the wheat crop- a dramtic result within 1 month

Thanks to Ahmed, Naeem, Rams, SPM, Doug Beitler, Dan Winter, Valerie Sandelin, Bruce Powers and the 'team' on the farm.