Bio-Remedial Tech

Serious Remediation Cleanup

Remedial solutions for polluted lakes, soil, oceans, industrial lands and radiation.  We supply the very highest quality and most efficient organic bio-remediation designed for oil-contaminated, radiation and toxin collected areas.

It is always a shock to see pictures of devastating unnatural impacts on the environment, and then to feel helpless. To think how the ecosystem and the local farmers, fishermen and wildlife have been affected is beyond words. The good news is we can clean it up with our unique technology. We supply the very highest quality in organic bio-remediation designed for many oil-contaminated areas such as wetlands, oceans and landmass. The sensitive ecosystem of the mangrove can also be helped with our methods and we can increase the oxygen content of the water by almost double using our system. This will help the fish and other aquatic life to thrive once again.


Implosion Water treatment

We have the capacity to treat millions of gallons of contaminated water per day with Bloom the Desert technologies. A scaled up re-engineered version of The Imploder is used for water treatment, purification and separation Ref:


The oil on the surface of the water can be cleaned up quite quickly. So quick you can actually see it working. The oil contamination in the soil can take some time but our unique technology works very well. Farms can also be helped in ways that goes beyond just cleaning up the soil and water. They can be provided with microbes that improve yields and strengthen the immunity of the crops to pests and disease. Such an effort will instill hope for the farmers and show that they are not in an irreversible situation.

Our microbes are so effective that out of 20,000 products our microbes where chosen by BP as the most effective.  A proven track record.

Rock sands piezo calcite quartz

A small amount of this special mixture of stone powders (highly charge white sand) will quickly cause a cloudy and polluted lake to clarify! 

A product that kills mosquitos and which eats oil:

Formulated with special ingredients, to slowly dissolve in water. Can be precisely dropped by helicopter, into water. By hand, into rivers, ditches, drains, facultative lagoons, ponds, puddles, swamps, streams, lakes, bays, estuary’s, tanks, retention ponds, fountains, aquariums, levees, etc., Patented, NANO-size “Micro-nutrients”, includes Si, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Zn etc. These Diatoms absorb CO2 and nutrients and release Oxygen at the micro plant level. The Oxygen released, helps aerobic bacteria breakdown organics in the water into base constituents, and the growing diatoms are eaten by zooplankton that is in turn consumed by fishes.

Radioactivity material transmutation to staple isotopes by use of Microozymas

Micoozymas are the littlest form of life known. They were discovered in 1854. They are responsible for the construction and destruction of cells. They have been proven to reduce and transmute radioactivity.

Tar Sands Oil/Water technology

Efficient low energy tar sands separation could be adapted to various situations, including recovering oil and separating it from soil and water.

The possibilities of Bloom the Desert technologies are limitless & time is of the essence, so lets get to work!