Investment Opportunity

Cash flow is from investment into agricultural under performing areas, location and drilling of water, bio-remediation techniques for oil spills and polluted lands, increase in crop yields, real estate and community developments, enviro-waste disposal and reversal of desertification – we green deserts and turn them into productive agricultural communities.
Because we are in the business of mitigating biomass burning, climate change, drying of rivers, disappearing wildlife and massive poverty- we represent significant savings for clients, governments and joint venture partners. We also save planets.

Bloom the Desert is a registered Company in Sydney, Australia, and operates Internationally, with an office also in New York City.

Business Overview

Name of Technology: Bloom the Desert
Company name and registered offices: Breakthru-Technologies PTY LTD, Sydney Australia
Brief description of technology: Brings together many cutting edge technologies and Earth friendly approaches. Promotes and delivers capital investments into BLOOM THE DESERT JOINT VENTURES, and to market, produce, license and develop globally the location of primary water, the development of agriculture products and crops, soil rejuvenation processes, mineral resources detection, the adaption of cost effective technologies, sustainable electricity production, all in conjunction and partnership with local companies, landowners and Governments.
Benefits and features: Rejuvenation of arid land, under performing farms, damaged and polluted land. We specialize in areas where business and governments wish to develop a thriving sustainable agricultural community and reduce living stress to peoples where there is not enough water, food and electricity.  For those who wish to transform existing farms into more sustainable, organic approaches along with natural pest control and at the same time, radically increase agricultural yields by using low cost methods.
Market place entry: Anywhere, anytime.
Stage of development: Research completed. All systems go.
Investment opportunity: Long term investment in crops and eco projects. Your participation in BTD programs will give you the ability to drive your passion for helping others into tangible practical projects, which will help nourish the world, bring economic development to third world communities, bring together capitalism and heart centered intentions and at the same time protecting our common ground- Mother Earth.
Extra Info: A point of collaboration for visionaries, business, scientists and pioneers.

Contact: Roger Green. [email protected]