Energy Generation

Bloom the Desert and Electricity Generation

New ground breaking research in generating electricity using economical, sustainable, renewable, carbon neutral technologies.  Electrolysis, where hydrogen is separated from water, using precise frequencies based on Planck, Golden Ratio and Hydrogen. The mixture releases energy and fuels electricity production. This means virtually unlimited energy from water on demand. Improved hydroelectric power generation - Harnesses voltage generated from water vortexes with minimal environmental impact. Scalable for either small or large applications.

There are three ways to generate electricity once water is located from a primary source:

  • Water veins located at high elevations can be a new source of hydro electrical power, gravity feed into efficient turbines
  • Primary water located at ground level and feed into a revolutionary FRACTAL FIELD VORTEX that generates electricity
  • Water used to feed into an Eco Global Fuels Electrolysis cell technology, that separates the hydrogen out of the water. The high temperature mixture is used to steam water to run turbines for electricity. It is effectively turning water directly into energy.
  1. The first method is well-known and existing technology. Water from above is gravity feed into and passes through turbines to generate electricity, which is then later used for drinking water and agriculture
  2. Most 'magical water' has a colloidal content, a trace mineral that makes the water "piezo- electric'. A fast spinning vortex for water makes it pick up energy charge, and by using a 'shape' will increase 'implosion'. The famous German naturalist Schauberger knew this. His piezoelectrically charged water by using a clay mineral, and began generating voltage from gravity- hence he was able to make logs floating in water travel uphill! He was using PHI- Golden Ratio Symmetry in the charge vortex / implosion.  We at Bloom the Desert Technologies have refined this process and have incorporated physics and the fractal field implosion science into Victor Schauberger original work.
  3. Electrolysis cell technology is now made economical and scaleable by Eco Global Fuels

The energy from water is harnessed into a gas mixture that heats stream to drive turbines, generating electricity at night, and a transport fuel source during the day. Power comes from wind; solar panels or gravity feed hydropower. We use golden ratio frequency signature treatment of hydrogen for implosive hydrolysis, which added to the Eco Global Fuels cell technology, makes the process even more efficient.