Dubai BTD Farm Trails w/Video

This August I returned to Dubai to continue work on our trial farm. I was there for 12 days and in that time was able to prepare some desert lands for planting later this year in September. You might remember last year we worked with procedures that are low cost, without fertilizers, to lower the high Ph of the sand, which we had great success!

This year i used the base technologies again, namely bio-char, ormus (which i made on the spot from available sea water) and unique pH reducing microbes (supplied by Doug Beitler) and this time included moisture retaining hydrogel and a few different types of organic fertilizer.
We also fitted in the water imploder kindly sent by Dan Winter and Jason at

We also built a germination shed using a material that reduces the desert heat by up to 70%.

There are three areas I prepared:

  • Outdoor areas approx 1/3 acre, ready for planting in September a variety of crops. I expect to get a BLOOMING crop- by Jan/Feb 2013
  • Shade shed, ready for planting tomates soon
  • Germination shed- I planted kenaf seeds sent by Bill Loftus (later to be used as shade trees on outdoor areas)

Here is a video I created during my visit...

Below are some pictures I would like to share with you- and more pictures again in early 2013 when we have our results!
These trials are proving we can use low cost technologies to create fertile lands with MINIMAL fertilzer. Fertilizer costs are what cripples India and African farmers, with up to 50-60 % of income each year having to go back into purchasing more conventional fertilier.

We are also proving we can grow commercial crops on poor land and deserts with these unique low cost technologies and by early next year are ready to scale up to any opportunity that presents it self!

We prepared these beds the old fashion way, by using plastic and carboard boxes to retain the water/moisture and to reduce water consumption. Other outdoor areas I used hydrogel and in combination  with the bio char, is proving to be a wonderful mositure retaining technology.

Great team of guys. It was realy really hot as you can imagine (August desert temperatures are the highest) I personally have no problem with the heat. We would work early 7-12, the hrs of 3-4 it really is impossible to physically work, so another session before dinner 4-7 (sundown around 7pm). Pictured are Kalaiyarasan, Sathishkumar, Karthik, and Awudaiyapan.

The ocean was approx 1.5 hrs drive away. We were able to bring back to the farm several 5 gallon buckets of seawater which I ormus from, which was added into the bio char and microbes ix. Magical stuff! (read more about ormus here and at Barry Carters site)

We have a large water tank, that drips feeds the prepared sand, with added ormus and microbes each day. The water flows thru the imploder water treatment, that we installed into a small shade box.

it was a simple pumping job to install the imploder

We built this germination shed. A special cloth I imported from USA that reduces heat by up to 70%. It was very cool inside, and we loaded up the sand with the usual suspects and added in the SHOT fertilzer from Jan Delinger USA (see suppliers references below) and used a small bottle of high grade 'enormus' from our friend Dan Schreiber (Byron Bay Australia). I could almost see the seeds growing in front of my eyes! Within 2 days we had 2-3 inch sprouts. The life force in this germination shed was powerful.

2 days growth of kenaf seeds inside the germination shed. Kenaf trees could be very promising for this climate.

Thanks To:

Ahmed Salahuddin and the team from ETA star Industries UAE, including Naeem and Ram, and my driver Hari.


Unique blended microbes from Doug Beitler thanks Dan and Jason at
SHOT fertilizer from Jan and Loretta Delinger (Idaho USA). We used this everywhere in the outdoor crops. 1 gallon went a long way (
Kenaf Seeds from Bill Loftus (
Leyland Minster (Byron Bay Australia) supplied some organic fertilizer for free, thanks mate!(
Dan Schreiber, Starseed Gardens (Byron Bay Australia) product called 'enormus'
BioWash fertilzer from Ted and Leon
Tom Waters, Tears of Isis : and

Energy systems: